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Our First In-Person AGM

On June 16, 2022, Kirk Centre held its very first in-person Annual General Meeting.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, previous AGMs had been held online. The staff and Board Members were excited to meet each other without a computer screen between them and both Mabel and Mouse got dressed up in their best bow and tie for the occasion. Kirk Centre also created and hosted a small trivia game for children, asking fun questions about the building and about our staff such as, "What color is Sally's hair?" and "What are the names of our cats?"

A brand new building tour was designed and piloted at the AGM. Summer student Cheyanne Welch researched the details and history of each room, interviewing staff, Board Members, and former employees of Kirk United Church. She and our Executive Director, Sally-Anne Woolnough, pored over blueprints from 1992 to learn when the elevator was first installed. Cheyanne and Shelly Arsenault, our Facility Caretaker, examined the physical structure of Kirk Centre to determine which walls were original to the structure and which were later additions. Special thanks goes to Stuart Jackson who sent us details about the Time Capsule in the Narthex, including the actual script of the Opening Ceremony that took place in 2016. Researching the history of Kirk Centre is an ongoing process, so if you have any information, fun facts, details - let us know!

Although turnout was small, the Board of Directors was happy to present the agenda to those in attendance. Along with the regular items of welcoming attendees, approving the agenda, approving last year's minutes, and presenting financial reports and budgets, Kirk Centre presented its strategic direction and primary objectives for 2022-2023. They are:

  • To continue post-COVID recovery

  • To fill all the available office spaces

  • To host the second annual outdoor summer concert on August 27, 2022

  • To host a wine and cheese Open House event in September or October

  • To increase volunteering and community engagement

  • To find funding for a third staff position in 2023

The night ended with a tour of the building and a group picture of the Board Members and permanent staff for use on the website and social media.

We'd like to thank everyone who worked hard to make our first in-person Annual General Meeting a success and we look forward to having more in-person events this summer!



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