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Kirk Centre Supporters

Kirk Centre is very thankful to all our supporters from our funders, the community and to our Partner Tenants, and the gracious use of this beautiful building.

City of Edmonton - 2024 Neighborhood connections Grant

Enhancing neighbourhoods livability through partnerships. Neighbourhood Connections Grants are available to support larger neighbourhood-wide projects, initiatives and events in which multiple community stakeholders collaborate to plan, implement and participate.


The Government of Alberta - Ethnocultural Grant 

Alberta’s Ethnocultural Grant Program is intended to support community organizations to implement initiatives that build diverse, inclusive and welcoming multicultural communities. Additionally, the program will support Indigenous communities to celebrate and build on their rich historical heritage.

The program promotes intercultural understanding by providing funding for projects that encourage people to share, learn, appreciate, and respect cultural diversity.

The program funds are not designed to address access to affordable housing, job opportunities, or healthcare. Rather, the funds are intended to educate about cultural diversity and inclusion in Alberta.

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Northern Spirit Regional Council

Kirk Centre has the privilege of having the support of The Northern Spirit Regional Council through having access to grants they kindly offer.

The United Church of Canada

Although the Kirk Centre's non-profit is run non-denominationally we are an Incorporated Ministry of The United Church of Canada which allows us use of policies and procedures and well as payroll and benefits for our staff. We thank the United Church of Canada for generously allowing Kirk Centre to run out of a building owned by The United Church of Canada.

Kirk Centre event partners and community business partners.

River City Events

Kirk Centre is in partnership with River City Events for all your event management needs. Using Kirk Centre's name when booking your order you get 10% off!

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