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Mouse & Mabel - Roaming Free

Hello All,

Mouse and Mabel will be left out in the main part of the building starting Monday March 12th. They will be left out from Monday morning at 7 am to Friday evening at 4:30 pm. they will still be in their hallway from Friday at 4:30 pm to Monday at 7 am, that way they are safely tucked away at the buildings most busy times.

We have put posters on the doors to ensure people are aware of the cats and do not let them outside. We will be leaving more of the hallway doors open to give them access, and so that they do not become trapped in the hallways. If you find they are coming into a room you are using, and you do not want them there, please fell free to scoot them out of the room and close the door so they do not have access. If mouse and Mabel make it into a room and you have difficulties getting them out, just leave the door open and they will make their way out on their own. I am counting on you, leaders, to pass along the message to your groups to ensure the safety of Mouse and Mabel.

In order for Mouse and Mabel to do their jobs, need to have access to other parts of the building overnight when the mice roam around freely.

So, the 2 main things to remind your groups of are:

1- Not to let Mouse and Mabel outside

2- Not to lock Mouse and Mabel into a room or closet.

Thank you so much for your help and cooperation, we really appreciate it, and so do Mouse and Mabel.

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