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Please Welcome to Kirk Centre....

Kirk Centre would like to Introduce one of our newer groups here at our community hub. Please welcome the True Life Baptist Church.

True Life Baptist Church exists to proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to know that God loves them, and we do our best to convey God's love to all who attend our services. Everyone also needs to know what God has revealed through His Word, even when it does not fit our opinions. We invite you to visit one of our meetings and see for yourself what makes us different.

They Meet:

Sunday: 2:30 & 3:45 PM Tuesday Bible Study: 7:00 PM

You can here to know them better here: Instagram:

Or contact them here: (587) 849 5710

Please note: Kirk Centre is not religiously affiliated or have a direct business affiliation with any of our Partner Tenants. We do not endorse any one religion, political party or ideology. We are an independent non-profit organization that provides an open, safe, diverse, inclusive and accessible facility for the community groups, worship groups and small businesses to each conduct business, worship and offer programs as they see fit, with the common ground being respect to all those who enter and surround Kirk Centre.

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