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Communities need space to come together.
Kirk Centre provides that space. 

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Kirk Centre Land Acknowledgement


Kirk Centre acknowledges that the land on which we are established is in Treaty Six Territory. We thank the diverse Indigenous Peoples who have inhabited and cared for this land for centuries, including the Nehiyawak (Cree), Siksika (Blackfoot), Tsuut’ina and Dene (Athabaskan), Anishinaabe (Ojibwe/Salteaux), Nakota Isga (Sioux), and Métis. We acknowledge the Inuit who have also made this land their home. We thank the land itself, the animals, the grass and trees, the water, the wind, and the stones for creating a beautiful home for us. Like the historical and traditional diversity and generosity of this land and its Peoples, Kirk Centre strives to be open, safe, inclusive and welcoming to all people, Indigenous and settler. We call upon the shared values of our many traditions, cultures, religions, histories, stories, and beliefs to unite in building a community centre for today and future generations, so that our children and grandchildren may walk in a better world.


To learn more about this Land Acknowledgement and the Indigenous Peoples whose land we live on, click here!


Pronunciation Guide for oral recitation:

Nehiyawak: neh-HEE-o-wuk

Siksika: seeg-see-KAH

Tsuut’ina: tsoo-TIN-ah

Dene: den-EH

Anishinaabe: ah-nish-in-AH-be

Nakota Isga: Na-KOH-tah EE-skah

Metis: may-TEE or may-TEES

Inuit: IN-oo-wee

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Kirk Centre
Kirk Centre

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Kirk Centre
Kirk Centre

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